Retreat - Participant

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All participants are required to observe eight precepts (atthangasila), be faithful to the discipline, and participate fully in the daily schedule of the center. This includes sitting and walking meditation, daily-activities meditation, and two group sitting meditation periods (early morning and evening). Each participants is assigned an individual sitting platform with free walking path. Full attention should be focused to a recorded instruction which will be played at the beginning of each program.

We don`t charge for room or board, as all our activities are funded by donations. The financial support comes from the generosity of sincere dhamma fellows who appreciate what we do.

We have 36 rooms for accommodations, each for two or three participants with one bath room inside. They are all clean and simple.

We have a large Dhamma Hall for meditation and dhamma talk, dining rooms for teacher and yogis, and an audio room for seperately listening to recorded dhamma talk. Gardens and parking lots are all well maintained in our facility.

We recommend that participants bring enough clothings as washing cloth is not advised during the retreat. Foods are basically not vegetarian, but they could be prepared. Our support communities are primarily Chinese and Indonesian. Teachers are mostly from Burma.

Meditation instruction follows the teachings of Mahasi Tradition, a well-known Burmese Theravada Tradition. These teachings are scheduled under program menu at the official web of If you would like to come for meditation practice, we ask that you write or call the center for registration. The center is open for participants at the time of scheduled programs only, when certain teachers are available.