Retreat - Discipline

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  1. Yogi Yogi are required to read the rules of conduct before making an application. Yogi must fill out, approve and sign the registration form and obey all regulations in ISMC Rules of Conduct to be able to join the meditation program. If yogi did not obey the regulations in ISMC or disturb other participants, then Yasati reserves the right to discontinue yogi from the program of meditation.
  2. Yogi must implement vipassana meditation practice in accordance with the method of Mahasi tradition taugh by meditation teacher (Sayadaw/Bhikkhu/Sayalay). Yogi should not perform other meditation exercise methods without the approval of meditation teacher. It is absolute and important that all forms of prayer, worship or religious ceremonies such as fasting, burning incense, counting prayer beads, reciting mantras and the like are not permitted during the practice of meditation.
  3. Yogi shall undergo a medical examination conducted by a team of doctors appointed by Yasati or carry a health reference. Yogi are obliged to honestly tell if there is a disease suffered physically or mentally and inform drugs taken regularly in the registration form and also to the doctors of Yasati. If the examination of candidates has not meet the requirements of a healthy condition by a team of doctors then Yasati reserves the right to postpone or refuse the participation of candidates to the readiness of physical and mental of the yogi.
  4. Yogi must carry out exercises to completion in accordance with the schedule approved by the yogi before registration. Yogi will not be given permission to leave the practice before completion without good reason that can be accepted by Yasati.
  5. For training participants are required to:

    a. bring everyday personal needs such as soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, tissue and others as well as medications commonly taken when sick.

    b. wake up at 03.30 am and go to sleep after metta chanting at 21.00 pm.

    c. observe AtthangaSila / Eight Precepts.

    d. well-dressed and wearing uniform that has been determined by Yasati, namely sleeved plain unpatterned white top (not tight and not sheer) or Yasati shirt and sarong / longji (which can be purchased in ISMC).

    e. deposit cell phone, wallet, camera, tape and other valuables. Loss of goods that are not deposited is not responsibility of Yasati.

  6. During the exercise yogi are prohibited from:

    a. bring and consume drugs, cigarettes, alcohol or the like.

    b. talk to anyone except to meditation teacher or organizer of Yasati if need assistance. (yogi could write notes on the paper provided in place of drinking).

    c. whispering, correspondence, writing, reading, playing or listening to music, singing, whistling, or doing physical exercise.
    d. bring food into Kuti, except drinking water.

    e. drying clothes in front of Kuti (room).

    f. bring goods to Dhammahall in the form of plastic bags, handbags, medicated oil, small bottles and others because they would disturb the concentration of other yogis.

    g. washing clothes, for that please bring enough clean clothes for exercise. Washing clothes is only allowed for a meditation program of more than 1 month.
  7. During exercise, yogi must pay full respect to meditation teacher and methods of satipatthana meditation practice. Doing sitting meditation inside Dhammahall by not leaning against the wall, pole or anything to support back and head.
  8. Yogi are required to follow the schedule of Dhammatalk and interview with meditation teacher.
  9. Male yogi are not allowed to cross the line of female exercises area in Dhammahall and vice versa.
  10. Yogi are expected to maintain the cleanliness of the bedroom and bathroom during the exercises. After completion of training please return the borrowed sarung and longji to the office.
  11. Yogi suffered serious health problems during exercises are required to immediately report to Yasati for treatment. Disorders or pain that arises due to the practice of meditation that does not follow the instructions of meditation teacher is beyond the responsibility Yasati.
  12. Yogi should take suitable amount of food so it does not waste food because taking more and are not eaten away. For yogi who is not a vegetarian, it is recommended not to take vegetarian food prepared for vegetarian yogi.

These rules are arranged in order to maintain the smoothness and comfort of yogi during the practice of meditation in ISMC so that meditation exercises can be successful. These rules and regulations are arranged for implementing the purity of Vipassana practice.